Your Next Exterior Project

by | May 7, 2018 | Knowledge Base

Planning that next large exterior painting or caulking project?

Many corporations are planning now for their large exterior projects. Whether you are planning an exterior project for a town home or high-rise condominium there are many important questions to ask about your contractor.

After putting together your scope of work the next question is “who can do it”? A project that extends over several weeks requires booking a time slot in your contractor’s work schedule. Planning and booking early means your project will be ready to go as soon as weather allows.

When considering a contractor for your large exterior project, remember not all contractors are created equal.

A contractor’s good reputation is its gold calling card. Are they familiar with the condominium marketplace? Have they taken on projects of similar size and scope and do they have the references to back it up? Do they have the crews to mobilize and make the project timelines? What’s their Health and Safety policy? Are they bondable? Do they carry adequate insurance?

History has shown that large exterior painting and caulking projects can have unforeseen snags come up. What’s the contractor’s protocol for communicating with property management and residents? Are they clear? Do they have a well laid out plan and schedule? Are they flexible if there are unforeseen circumstances?

And finally, once the contractor leaves your site will you ever see them again. What’s their warranty policy? Is it in writing?

Your large exterior project may be simple or it may have several components, a good contractor will help you navigate through to a successful conclusion!