Underground Garage Painting & Services

Is your garage safe? Does it meet code? We can help!

Underground Garage Services:​

Pedestrian and Vehicular Membranes (Specialty Coatings)

Painting (lines, walls, pillars, ceiling) compliant with Municipal, Building, and Fire Codes

Concrete Repairs

Benefits of ArmourCo​

The parking garage is the largest common element in a high rise condominium and it is the primary entrance for most residents.​ Shouldn’t it look and feel welcoming? 

Project Management

ArmourCo only works with condominium corporations. We understand the condominium space and the pressure that managers and directors are under during large capital projects. ArmourCo has built its production process around the idea that “happy owners = happy directors = happy managers.”


 Communicating successfully with all stakeholders is the key to any successful project. From start to finish ArmourCo will develop and deliver all the safety, access, schedule and update notices required.

Health & Safety

ArmourCo’s comprehensive Health & Safety program is focused on upholding the highest safety standards as mandated through OHSA. ArmourCo is proud to have a certified Health and Safety Officer on the team.

Warranty Program

Service specific warranties are available with everything we do, guaranteed to be “the best warranty in town”.

Expert Advantage

Underground parking garages are not painted often, so what you do now has to be cost-effective and long-lasting.

Our team will ensure that your next underground parking garage is painted quickly and up to code, minimizing disruption to owners.

Underground Garage Services