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Four Services Under One Roof

Time to upgrade your interior? Our in-house designer and architect can help ensure you get a beautiful finish, while ensuring safety and structural concerns.

If you have leaks or energy loss issues, we can help. Our trades are safety certified and specialized in caulking, cladding, EFIS, painting, and more!

A well-painted garage not only looks better, but is safer for both drivers and pedestrians. We can assess your garage for free, and provide coating solutions.

Every townhome faces unique challenges, and needs to stay well-maintained to keep property values competitive. Our focus is on providing quality, long-lasting solutions.

Health & Safety With You In Mind


Health and Safety violations during construction projects can result in hefty fines to the corporation, as well as delay projects through “stop-work” orders. 


ArmourCo’s comprehensive Health & Safety program is focused on upholding the highest safety standards as mandated through OHSA, and provides a safe environment for workers and residents.

By focusing exclusively on condominium projects, we guarantee you the best value for your investment.

Feel Secure With Our Industry-Leading Warranty Program

Reserve Fund projects require a lot of trust. Trust that the contractor will be deliver a quality project at an honest price, and trust that they will stand behind their work – even after the last brush stroke.

At ArmourCo, we want you to feel secure, and have developed a warranty program to ensure your investment is protected.

What Our Clients Are Saying

ArmourCo did a great job on our corridor renovation project. It was easy to get a hold of concerned manager and designer no matter how many times we needed them, and overall we found that the investment paid off well.
Ali Masood, RCM
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Management Leaders
Over the past 4 years I have used ArmourCo for small and large projects at a highrise and townhouse complex. I have been happy with the services provided, their painting crew are very respectful and professional around the residents and building staff.
Northtown II Property Manager
Del Property Management
ArmourCo was fabulous when completing our underground garage painting. Because they have so much experience with condo's, they knew what to expect and handled our owners much better than any previous contractor.
Karen Boux
PPG Property Management

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