Spring Garage Painting

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Knowledge Base

Are you thinking that your underground parking garage needs to be painted and brought up to code?

It is never too early to start planning – painting an underground parking garage is a large job with many aspects to consider.

1. Up to code – parking garage standards are the result of the co-ordination of multiple by-laws (ie: municipal property standards, fire code, building code, and health & safety codes). The basic outline requires ceilings & walls to be devoid of cracks, holes and loose paint. Walls and ceilings are to be painted white with a 60 cm black dado on all perimeter walls, bays and pillars. Emergency exits to be painted green with highly visible signage. Pipes to be protected from corrosion and colour coded. See our article: Up To Code

2. Spring clean-up – a garage painting project should be scheduled BEFORE your annual clean-up. Painting the garage includes scraping away loose paint, sanding the pipes and power washing the walls and ceiling. This can create debris and soot. Scheduling the annual power washing/power sweeping after painting means any debris from the painting project will be picked up. After that it’s best to clean the catch basins and drains. This way there’s no worries about having to readdress the spring clean-up.

3. Street parking – it’s much easier in the spring to get authorization from the city for street parking accommodations while your garage is closed for painting. During the summer months many large road construction projects, festivals and marathons are planned and can result in multiple road closures. The city may have restrictions or just not have road space available for the additional parking required during the span of your project. Finding appropriate alternative parking for your residents might just become a bigger problem and/or delay the painting project completely.

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