Interior Renovations

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A condominium renovation project can be an exciting time for residents – especially to those who have lived to see their current décor go out of style over the past few years.

Who doesn’t love a fresh start?

However, there are a lot of moving parts in an interior renovation, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new information – especially for inexperienced Board members or managers.

The realization that every decision made will go on to affect hundreds or even thousands of residents for at least a decade can be a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, a design build firm is exactly the type of solution for corporations that want to achieve the most value out of their budgets.

Here are six advantages of a design build for condominium corporations to consider when it comes to planning interior projects:

1. Streamlined Process

With a design build process, the firm handles everything from the design, architectural or structural concerns, materials, permits, accessibility concerns, and even assists in budgeting.

This one-stop-shop approach saves countless hours and potentially thousands of dollars spent on contracting each individual professional to consult on a project.

2.No Lengthy Bidding Process (Focus on Cost Certainty)

One of the reasons corporations may choose to tender an interior design project is to maintain some control and price transparency through a bidding process.

However, the reality is that the tender process may end up costing more or causing delays as it adds another layer of complexity to a large project.

When a design goes out to tender and all the bids are collected, the corporation may only later find that they lack the funds necessary to bring the design to life.

At that point, they may have to wait for a more modest redesign, postpone the project to build up the fund, or increase fees to fund the project.

On the other hand, a design build project is built around the budget – so there are no surprises or unnecessary delays when it comes to the investment required to fund the project.

3.Only One Contract

With only one contract to deal with, there is less time spent on paperwork and miscommunication. This makes communication flow smoothly, as well as simplifying payment.

4.Easier To Stay On Budget

A design build firm employs the necessary professionals such as designers, architects, trades, and contractors needed to execute a project.

With all these professionals working under the same company, it eliminates the potential costs of hiring each professional individually as needed.

Because budget is considered before the project starts, there are often fewer change orders or “surprises”, making it easier to stay true to the fixed price on the contract.

5.More Likely To Stay On Schedule

Because the design build firm acts as a cohesive team all working together to finish the project, they are better able to finish on time.

This streamlined communication process between the designer and builder reduces delays, which in turn reduces disturbance to residents.

Construction and architectural expertise from team members ensures that potential issues are accounted for early in the process and handled appropriately.

Due to the fixed price contract, a design build firm is incentivized to finish on time, while still maintaining quality standards.

6.Full Responsibility

Because the designer and builder work under the same company, they cannot fault each other for potential mistakes.

Ultimately, the firm itself must take full responsibility for both the positive and the negative, which incentivizes the firm to work cooperatively to ensure that the work is done on time, on budget, and with a quality finish.

When To Plan

It is recommended to plan six months to a year in advance of the anticipated start date.

The frequency of Board meetings, how much is discussed at each meeting, and the complexity of the design are just a few of the factors that affect the pace at which a project moves.

When To Build

Interior projects can be completed at any time of the year; however, many corporations find it is best to schedule them over the Fall and Winter months.

This allows for weather-dependent exterior projects to be completed during the warmer months.

How To Choose

While a design build has many advantages, it all hinges on ensuring the right firm is hired for the job.

There is a high level of trust required when one firm handles all aspects of a project.

With the right fit, though, a design build firm eliminates virtually all the usual project headaches and puts the project on autopilot for both the manager and Board.

When interviewing design build firms, be sure to ask lots of questions and be upfront about any potential concerns.

Review their portfolio and ask questions about their process to ensure it is a match.

When checking references, make sure to ask:

  • What went well?
  • What did not go well?
  • How were problems or surprises handled?
  • How did the residents feel about the new look?
  • Was the cost reasonable?

Once both parties arrive at a mutual understanding of what each expects of the other, hiring a design build firm can be an excellent way for residents to achieve value from an interior renovation project.

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