Carpet Choices for Condominium Corridors – By Zeke Margaritis

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Ask the Expert, Knowledge Base

When choosing a flooring option for corridors there are a variety of options to look at. Each has their benefits and it’s essential to find an option that best fits the needs of the building’s residents. In condo corridors carpet is most often the flooring of choice. This is because a variety of reasons, including; carpet is durable, if properly maintained a high-quality carpet will last 10-30 years. Carpet also reduces noise and helps control the temperature which improves overall building efficiency. In cases where the residents of the building are older in age, carpet is a much safer surface compared to (hard) flooring options. Once the decision has been made to go with carpet, the next decision faced is what type of carpet to choose. Here are the three most commonly used types of carpet for condominium corridors.

  1. Nylon Fiber
    Nylon carpet is the most used carpet throughout all applications and most often is used in residential homes. It can be used in condo corridors as it’s a durable carpet that is stain resistant. The color of the carpet will hold for the carpet’s lifespan as nylon is a synthetic material. Nylon carpet is very easy to clean as the fibers are extremely tightly woven leading debris to remain on the surface and not seep into the carpet. Nylon can also be steam-cleaned and shampooed at no risk of damage or discoloration.
  2. Wool Fiber
    Wool carpeting has been used for centuries and is often recommended as the best carpet for high-traffic areas. This is because wool is extremely durable and naturally stain resistant due to the lanolin coating around each fiber. This coating also helps protect the carpet from absorbing moisture and makes it very easy to clean. Not only is wool durable it’s also very soft and is much easier on peoples feet than other types of carpet.
  3. Sisal Fiber
    Sisal carpet is made up from the fibers of the sisal plant, these fibers are extremely durable though they are not stain resistant. Sisal carpet is a cheaper option compared to wool however, it doesn’t provide the same cushioning as sisal fibers are extremely dense. In recent years sisal carpet has become more popular as it is considered to be an extremely environmentally friendly product and aligns with many organizations’ CSR goals.  

Overall, carpet is a great choice for condo corridors and provides a variety of benefits. Carpet helps to reduce noise, improve building efficiency and is a safer option compared to hard flooring options. Each type of carpet also has their own benefits, choosing the correct type that best suits the buildings residents is an essential part of the planning process.

A future blog will introduce and explain a variety of different carpet styles and pattern options. Be on the lookout for that post!