ArmourCo Values Health & Safety… Do you?

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Health and Safety Minute, Knowledge Base

At ArmourCo, the health and safety of our employees, contractors and corporation residents are of paramount concern on our projects. With Armourco’s fully developed health and safety program and initiatives, employees and clients alike can feel comfortable with all aspects of the multitude of workplace health and safety requirements.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, ArmourCo has implemented an extensive Health and Safety program that is unparalleled in our industry. Our intensive attention to the regulations as defined in the OHSA help make you look good while ensuring a safe workplace for all workers.

How ArmourCo promotes a safer workplace:

  • All our Health and Safety initiatives are overseen by our own Construction Health and Safety Officer
  • Mandatory Health and Safety responsibilities for our management, supervisors and workers are clearly defined for all workplace parties
  • Health and Safety training for all supervisors and workers through the Ontario Ministry of Labour training agencies
  • Detailed job site hazard analysis completed prior to the start every project
  • Safe work procedures for all aspects of work being undertaken
  • Weekly Health and Safety meetings on site
  • First Aid Certification on all crews
  • WHMIS certification for all workers
  • Ongoing Health and Safety training for all ArmourCo parties as part of our continuous improvement plan
  • On site MSDS sheets for all controlled products
  • All workers have completed Ministry of Labour mandatory training

By creating a safe workplace for workers and residents on all our projects, Armourco fosters peace of mind for all workplace parties. 

Ask yourself, “How safe is MY contractor?”