A great testimonial email!

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Testimonials

CPL_brushesBelow is an email we received from a condominium unit owner after we completed the exterior painting of his town home. It is so nice to get these. It reinforces that the procedures we have put into place actually work and have a positive affect on our clients.

Nice work team!

Good Evening John,

Regarding the exterior painting of our condo project, I am responding as one owner and wish to express my appreciation for a job well done. This starts with notifications sent out with instructions and cautions prior to painting specific areas. Excellent communication is a must for any residential condo corporation. Your on site supervisor was outstanding and as a result quality work, with great attention to detail, was experienced. In addition, no unsightly litter was left any where on our complex at the end of each day.

Our whole complex looks great. Other owners have express unsolicited positive remarks as I strolled around the site.

Thank you and I wish much success to both you and your organization in the future.

85 Church St.
Mississauga, Ontario