7 Reasons To Spring Clean Your Condo

by | May 8, 2019 | Knowledge Base

Spring can be a fun time with mixed emotions.

As the ground thaws and the snow melts, you get that fresh smell of spring in the air that lets you know warmer weather is just around the corner.

This warmer weather means you can finally go outside without bundling up – which means it’s time for some spring cleaning.

But spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of old stuff. The biggest advantage to spring cleaning is the reveal – or what you find as you clean.

Spring cleaning is not only a fun and liberating activity, but it is also a great opportunity to check your home for  any changes that may have happened during the winter months.

This can be an exciting experience with the right attitude, and a great opportunity to get ready for a busy summer.

And with that, here are 7 reasons spring cleaning can help you as a homeowner.

1. Maintain Value

Your home is where you eat, sleep, play, and for some people – work. You worked hard to save up that down payment to get you to where you are, and there is good reason to take pride in maintaining or even adding to its value with some much needed repairs or new renovations (as permitted).

2. Boost Appearance

Depending on when your home was constructed, the current paint or fixtures may be faded, damaged, or dated. Faded or chipping paint is a quick fix that should be brought to the attention of a property manager. If it’s happening on your house, it is likely happening on others’ too. Also, in keeping with the idea of preserving value, colours themselves could go a long way as the house colours that were popular in the 80’s might not look as current as other more modern condos.

3. Protection

Appearance is not the only reason to refresh a paint job on a house. The more important benefit is actually the protection it lends. The exterior of a home withstands great fluctuations in temperature, as well as a barrage of rain, snow, freezing rain, and even sometimes random debris on very windy days. Making sure the wood beneath the paint is protected is an important part of home ownership, and concerns should be brought up to your property manager.

4. Reduction in Long Term Costs

When home maintenance is done correctly and as scheduled, it can save thousands of dollars down the road. Imagine a complex with townhouses which haven’t been painted in over a decade. It is likely that the houses are in need of a new coat of paint, with some houses needing wood or brick repair and replacement. Postponing this project for even one more year could result in even more wood and brick work on top of what already needed to be done the year before. This will keep the reserve fund healthy, and reduce the risk of having the dreaded “special assessment“.

The key is to have the work done by an experienced contractor – preferably one who specializes in condo restoration and refurbishment, as they will better understand the needs of property managers and owners.

5. Identify Issues

Similar to the point above, ensuring that you are regularly checking on your home – even a few times a year – will go a long way in helping to catch things before they become a major problem.

6. Fewer Surprises

Sometimes surprises can be good. A surprise birthday, or promotion is often a welcome one. However unpleasant surprises such as requiring all new plumbing because of an error on someone else’s end can be potentially devastating.

7. Save Time

For those of you who like efficiency, this may be one of the biggest advantages for you as a homeowner. A full cleaning may seem like a big undertaking at first, but if you keep at it consistently it will pay off big time. Subsequent cleanups will be faster, more fun, and you’ll be able to notice things faster than if you only do it once a year.

Overall, it is most important to remember to bring up issues with your property management professional. They will be able to take the next steps in making sure your condo is well taken care of.