5 Myths of Carpet – By Zeke Margaritis

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Ask the Expert, Knowledge Base

Carpet has been a staple in both residential and commercial flooring applications since the late 1700s. Over the past 300 years quite a few myths regarding carpet have come up. The goal of this blog is to dispel these myths and exemplify why carpet is a great choice for any space.

Carpet is Dated

Is carpet really dated? Maybe, if you choose a dated style and overuse carpet in a space. Carpet affords you an unlimited selection of pattern, colors and styles. Using carpet with a mix of other materials such as wood and tile helps to create a bold modern look.

Carpet Aggravates Allergies

This myth is the farthest from the truth, the complete opposite is true. Carpet helps you breathe easier; this is because carpet acts as an allergen trap. It traps dust and debris in the fibers rather than floating through the air as it would on a hardwood or tile floor. When you’re ready to clean up use a vacuum with a HEPA rated filter to ensure that even the smallest particles of dust are removed.

Carpet is Difficult to Maintain

Is carpet the easiest flooring option to clean? No, it’s not easiest but its far from being hard. Maintaining carpet requires a plan. It’s essential that carpet cleaning is planned and scheduled far in advance. Professional cleaning should happen routinely, in a home once a year in a commercial setting it depends on the foot traffic. Refer to our previous blog on maintaining carpet for more tips and tricks.

Carpet Emits Harmful Chemicals

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) have become a big point of conversation in the flooring and construction industry as a whole over the past few years. Some claim that the smell of new carpet is actually chemicals being released into the air. That is not true, carpet is actually one of the lowest emitters of VOCs in buildings ranking lower than paint in numerous tests.

Carpet is bad for the Environment

Greener building practices have become all the rage over the past decade and for good reason. The carpet industry is no different, they have made strides in becoming a much more sustainable industry. Using synthetic materials carpet can be recycled and turned into a new carpet. Many carpets from the major manufactures are at least partially made of recycled materials.