Health And Safety

ArmourCo's comprehensive Health & Safety program is focused on upholding the highest safety standards as mandated through OHSA, and provides protection from project delays and costly fines.

When it comes to large reserve fund projects, safety hazards are everywhere.

There are many contractors who are eager to carry out  large projects, but only a select  few are qualified to do so safely.

The responsibility falls on management and the board to only invite contractors with formal Health & Safety program in place, to bid on projects.

Ensuring The Health & Safety Of Residents And Employees

Every project is assessed and overseen by a Certified Construction Health & Safety Officer.

Benefits of a Certified Construction Health and Safety Officer:

  • Develop & Conduct Safety Training
    Workers on your site will be fully trained and up-to-date on
    latest Health & Safety practices.
  • Ensure Trades Are Compliant
    Avoid the risk of having non-compliant, non-registered
    trades on-site.
  • Consult With Management And Board On Safety Matters
    Help managers and directors navigate and understand
    their obligations under OHSA.
  • Ensure The Site Is Safe For Workers And Residents
    Hazards are identified and clearly marked through notices
    and signage so that workers feel safe on the job, and
    residents feel safe in their home.
  • Avoid Safety-Related Liability Concerns
    Maintain full compliance with OHSA regulations, and avoid
    liability concerns.
Chris Linkert

Certified Construction Health and Safety Officer

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