About Us

ArmourCo is a full-service restoration, maintenance, and refurbishment company, focused exclusively on condominiums.

Exterior Restoration

  • High-rise exterior sealant, coatings, masonry, cladding, EIFS
  • Townhome painting, caulking, wood and siding replacement
  • Underground garage repair and painting

Interior refurbishment

  • Carpet, tile, wall coverings, painting,  millwork, lighting and electrical
  • Door hardware, door replacement, suspended ceilings
  • Design services

We only do condos, so our understanding of how condominiums work can be a great help to managers and directors. We focus on communications with all stake holders delivering notices and updates directly to owners.

Having employee high-rise workers, painters, caulkers, wall covering hangers and carpenters allows us to be very competitive while allowing us to have multiple eyes on every one of our projects. This coupled with site superintendents and project managers provides multiple layers of project management and ultimately peace of mind for managers and directors.

For more information, download our brochure below.


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