Old cans of paint representing old oil based paint.

Another Quaility Job by ArmourCo Solutions

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NICE WORK TEAM “Hi John I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to let you know how impressed I have personally been with you, your company and all work people that have come to our property. I did not have a chance to say hello to everyone but was surprised almost weekly of the hard work, care and …

Galvanized or not galvanized – what do I do about my metal?!!

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John Margaritis Question: How do I know what’s galvanized metal and what isn’t? Answer: Galvanized metal is used for a variety of items in both high-rise condominiums and townhome complexes. You can find galvanized metal used for perimeter fencing, roof flashings, gutters and cladding. Take a hard look at the metal on your site, does it have a mottled silver …

ArmourCo Promotion

Parking Garage Painting Promotion! Effective until June 1st

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Worried your parking garage isn’t up to code? Book us by June 1st 2017 to paint your complete garage and we’ll power sweep AND wash the floors of your parking garage for free! Call us today at 905-637-7999 or 1-888-634-0082 and ask about this deal! ArmourCo – Your Condo Solutions Partner