Spring Garage Painting

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Planning your spring garage painting Are you thinking that your underground parking garage needs to be painted and brought up to code? It is never too early to start planning. Painting an underground parking garage is a large job with many aspects to consider. 1. Up to code – parking garage standards are the result of the co-ordination of multiple …


Painting when its Cold

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Painting when its cold How cold is too cold? It depends on the substrate and the product. Recommend temperatures for acrylic exterior paint is 10F with overnight temperatures not dipping below 10F for 48 hours. Most paint manufacturers have low temperature exterior paints. Special low temperature acrylic paint can be applied to surfaces with temps between 3C and 5C. But …


HCC141: Lakeshore Rd, Burlington – Painting Wooden Surfaces including Windows, Doors and Original Trimwork.

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ArmourCo painted the exteriors of these windows and all original trim on the home. Painting the wood on this historical home. Painting wooden surfaces on historical home such as exteriors of windows and doors. ArmourCo is painting all original trim on the exterior of this home. We're painting all the original trimwoark on this historical home Painting original woodwork on ...